Accessories have gone way beyond being a frivolity that anyone can do without. These items (whether you are talking about fashion accessories or cosmetics) can literally make or break you. Fashion accessories are wonderful items that can help accent, or highlight the outfit and look you want. Whereas, cosmetic accessories can cover such things as perfume, lipstick, brushes and so on. Learn all the do's and don'ts when it comes to this increasing necessity.

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   Choosing the Right Accessories
Sometimes your outfit is all but perfect—it just needs the perfect accessories to really set it off. You need to know what you want to emphasize, the look you're going for, and how to make things go together.

   Essential Fashion Accessories
There are some main accessories for men and women that will add elegance and sophistication to any outfit. In both cases the use of simple items will achieve the proper look. Over accessorizing will make the entire ensemble look messy.

   Purse Etiquette
A woman's purse is a necessary accessory. To get that finished look the right type of purse should match the style for the event. There is an etiquette about which purse goes with certain clothes and occasions.

   Using a Hair Curler
Using a hair curler is not difficult. Choose which heated appliance you will use and set it to the proper heat setting. The most difficult part of curling your hair is sectioning your hair and curling it. Both can be time-consuming. Make sure that you allow your curls to completely cool before you separate them and apply hairspray.