Purse Etiquette

by Jessica Wright
(last updated October 27, 2014)

There are many different styles and types of purses. The options go from the very upscale designer purses to the affordable everyday purse. A purse or bag says a lot about you. A woman's handbag can tell more about a woman than what her clothing can at times. It is important to remember that a handbag or purse can either make the outfit or break the look.

A woman's handbag is where most women keep all of their important, personal, and private things. It is almost impossible to find the one perfect bag, and that is why you see some women with so many different types of handbags.

A well groomed woman will use various types of handbags for different occasions. Purses can generally be classified into three types.

Evening Purses and Evening Clutches

The evening purse or clutch will enhance your look of femininity as you enter into the evening. This purse should be glamorous, complimenting the evening outfit by being elegant and glamorous it is the perfect accessory. For this particular look it is far better to go without a purse than to carry the wrong one.

Shoulder Bags

A shoulder bag should be in every woman's accessory collection. It doesn't matter what your style is. There is a huge variety so you should be able to find one that fits your style. As you pick your handbag you will want one that is both your style and one that is comfortable to carry.

If you carry a lot of items in your bag and it tends to get heavy, find one that has wide shoulder straps. The straps help to carry the weight of the bag more comfortably. Of all the different types of purses and handbags the size of the shoulder bag does matter.

You want to be sure that the bag harmonizes with your size. A petite woman should carry a bag that is simple while a bigger or full-figured woman will want to choose a handbag that is more proportionate to her size. Most handbags today come with features that help you stay organized, with things such as pen slots, cell phone pockets, and coin purses.

Tote Bags

The tote bag is one of the most multitasking handbags of all. It seems to be a symbol of all the different roles that women play in today's world. It can literally carry everything that a woman may need for the entire day. They are for the stash-and-go type of woman. Tote bags can serve several different functions, sometimes combined and other times separately. This bag can be used as:

  • A fashionable briefcase
  • Book bag
  • Beach bag
  • Gym bag
  • Diaper bag
  • Shopping bag

The great thing about a tote bag is that you can hide a smaller purse inside of the bag. If you tend to carry and want everything and anything imaginable with you, this would be your bag. However, if you are the type to carry only a lipstick, keys, and credit card then a tote bag would be too much.

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Jessica Wright

Jessica is a communications major studying for her masters and working full time. Growing up in a household of girls, she learned young the fun of trying new beauty ideas. Jessica enjoys playing the piano, dating, and having a good time with family and friends. ...


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