Womens Formal Wear

The epitome of stress in choosing formalwear, of course, is selecting something for an appearance on the red carpet. Thankfully most of us are spared paparazzi scrutiny, but that doesn't mean formalwear can be taken lightly. We have a bevy of tips for initiates and those looking for black-tie advice. First off, you need to know the smaller differences that distinguish a cocktail dress from a formal gown. Then hints to find the right formal dress and something flattering. There are tips on finding a dress for your body shape and advice for the plus-sized woman. After all, the perfect gown is "the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress." (Karl Lagerfeld)

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Choosing the Right Formal Dresses
There are many formal dress styles out there, but some dresses will flatter your body shape better than others. Pick a dress that looks great on your body shape so you can feel perfectly glamorous whatever the occasion is.

   Differences Between Formal Dresses and Cocktail Dresses
Sometimes formal and cocktail dresses can look an awful lot like the same basic dress, but there are some differences if you have a keen eye. Discover the differences here.

   Finding Flattering Formal Wear
Finding flattering formal wear begins with identifying your body type. Certain cuts and styles are more flattering to certain body types.

   Flattering Formal Dresses for the Plus Size Woman
Big is beautiful and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Every woman, whether petite or plus size, can find fabulous dresses for formal events that will be both flattering and wonderfully eye-catching.

   Flattering Formal Dresses for Your Body Shape
Not all dress styles will look good on everyone. It helps to look at dresses that will best flatter your body shape and hide or accentuate certain areas.