Mens Formal Wear

Secretly, for as much as they may protest wearing it, men are relieved about the subject of formalwear—there are long-established rules: you have to wear this with that, the shoes have to be black, everything else is black or white, etc. Problems can still appear, though. We have tips for plus-sized men, and there are tips from the woman's perspective—"how you can help them"—which also can be helpful to the male reader.

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   Fashion Tips for the Plus-Size Man
Men are far more fashion conscious these days. While all men may not necessarily wish to be likened to the formerly popular metrosexual male, plus-sized men sometimes get lost in the fast-moving fashion shuffle.

   Formal Dress Tips for the Plus-Sized Man
A snappy suit of clothing can be just the thing to make you look like the dashing hero of a movie. With these guidelines, you're sure to be prepared for your next formal occasion.

   Helping Men to Dress for Formal Events
Weddings, upscale dinners, social parties, or whatever the event may be, you want the man accompanying you to look his finest. The fact is most men, despite any grumblings, do want to look their best at occasions that require them to wear formal attire. Sometimes they just need a little help getting the outfit right, so let us help them.