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Our lips are a major part of our faces. As something that takes a large portion of our faces, and subsequently help to define how we look, is it any surprise that we would like them to look the best that they possibly can? Everyone knows that lipstick is a type of cosmetic that helps a person have nice red lips (or any other color that is chosen). However, not everyone knows the best methods to slim big lips, or to help plump thin lips. If you have ever wondered what the secrets to beautiful lips were, then take a look in here to find out.

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   Applying Lipstick
Lipstick is one of those things that can really set an outfit in motion for success. Whether you wear lipstick or lip gloss, it's a cosmetic staple that should always be in your purse to give you that extra class you need.

   Developing Fuller, Smoother, Sexier Lips
Ever want to have fuller, smoother, and sexier lips? Even if you weren't born with luscious lips, you can take steps to develop the lips you really want.

   Dry Lips
Whether it's summer or winter, lips can become dry and chapped. Chapped, dry lips are not only unattractive, they hurt. For beautiful lips that are soft and kissable, follow just a few of these tips.

   Make Your Lips Look Fuller
Full lips are the way to go in today's beauty world, but not everyone has natural full lips. Not to fear, here are some easy ways to pump up your lips and give you a natural looking, surgery free boost!

   Making Lip Gloss Last
Lip gloss is a fun finishing touch, but it's frustrating when it doesn't last a long time. Try out these simple tricks and marvel at how your lip gloss stays on longer!

   Making Lipstick Last Longer
Lipstick is a fun finishing touch, but it's frustrating when it doesn't last a long time. Try out these simple tricks and marvel at how your lipstick stays on longer!

   Picking the Right Shade of Lipstick
Lipstick is definitely fun, but you need to make sure you have the right colors. Follow these few tips to pick the best color for you!

   Removing Stubborn Lipstick
Your favorite colors may the most bright and out there, but those colors sure are difficult to get off your lips at the end of the day. If you're stuck with stubborn lipstick stains, know that a bit of simple effort will take that lipstick right off. You won't be stuck wearing your favorite lip colors all the time!

   Treating Chapped Lips
Tired of having dry, chapped lips? With a little time and attention, you can get your lips to be soft and moist.


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