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If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the eyelashes could be said to be the shutters or possibly the blinds to those windows. Just as when a person goes about decorating their home and office by using window treatments, there are things that we can do to improve our personal windows. Just like when a person improves their home, a person might just look to get a professional's help. Only problem with this, this type of thing can tend to cost a whole lot of money. Instead of paying someone else to do this, do it yourself. Here is how to do the job yourself, whether you use false eyelashes to what best you should use to have long and healthy eyelashes.

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   Applying Fake Eyelashes
Giving your eyes a dramatic look can be a great way to make an impression at a big event or just for fun. Applying fake eyelashes is one way to get the look you want without going crazy with makeup application.

   Eyelash Extensions
Most men and women don't have luscious lashes, but eyelash extensions can give that illusion. Learn more about eyelash extensions, and decide if they're right for you.

   Getting the Best Lashes of Your Life
Having beautiful lashes can make you look more glamorous and striking. By trying something new with your eye makeup routine, you can experience amazing eyelashes that you'll love!

   Great Looking Lashes
Unfortunately, most of us are born with scarce-looking lashes, that's when using some tricks and the right mascara comes in. Using the right mascara and applying it correctly, great lashes can be created. Find out how.

   Healthy Eyelashes
Healthy eyelashes begin with improving your overall diet. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you find that your eyelashes are still not as healthy as you wish, examine what you put onto them; are your cosmetics full of bacteria because you're using year-old mascara? Perhaps it's time to throw out those old cosmetics, and invest in new ones for the sake of your eyelash health!

   Longer Eyelashes
So many women wish their eyelashes were longer to really give their look a polished feel, but are at a loss at how to do it. Lo and behold, stick-straight lashes are no more thanks to the simple tool called the eyelash curler. Learn how to use it to make your lashes look amazing!

   Semi Permanent Eyelashes
If you are tired of applying eye makeup to achieve the look of fuller lashes, you might want to consider semi-permanent lashes. With semi-permanent lash extensions, you can get longer, thicker lashes that last much longer than false eyelashes from the store.

   Using an Eyelash Curler
Ever wonder how to curl your eyelashes? The eyelash curler itself is a little funny looking, and you may not know how to use it. If you're confused about this particular tool, then read on.