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Eyeliner has a fairly important purpose among cosmetics. That purpose is to help make your eyes ?pop.? That is, its purpose is to draw attention to the eye, and help make a larger impact on those around you. There are many different types of eyeliner out there such as liquid eyeliner, dry eyeliner and even waterproof eyeliner. Some people have even started to use permanent eyeliner. Everything that you need to know about eyeliner can be found here.

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   Applying Eyeliner
Eyeliner can be used to create a Halloween costume or more preferably animated eyes to complement the rest of the face. Don't make the face look forced and "created" but rather learn how to make it look confident and natural.

   Applying Eyeliner Perfectly
When it comes to makeup, using eyeliner can do many things to enhance the look that you want whether it is to make your eyes look bigger or mysterious. The trick is applying eyeliner perfectly. With a little practice and some knowledge you can have the look that you are wanting.

   How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner
Applying liquid eyeliner can be tricky and requires a great amount of practice and patience to get the right look. It's often difficult to achieve the right look on both eyes but, with a quality product and a steady hand, you can become a pro when applying liquid eyeliner.

   Picking the Right Eyeliner
Just as with the rest of your makeup—foundation, eye shadow, blush, and lipstick—choosing the correct eyeliner is essential for creating a great look. But if your eyes are your best facial feature, picking the right eyeliner plays an even grater role in looking polished, even for your every-day look.

   Should I Use Liquid Eyeliner or Dry Eyeliner?
The only real way to determine if you should use liquid or dry liner is to try each for yourself. Liquid liner usually takes quite a bit of time to apply, especially if you are a beginner. Pencil and other dry liners apply quickly, and exactly where you want them—every time.