Earrings are a common fashion accessory for most women (and many men). There are stud earrings, diamond earrings and pearl earrings to name just a few different types. But what are the best kinds for you? What types of earrings should be worn in the differing social situations that we can find ourselves in? Take a look in here for the answers to these questions, as well as others you may not have thought of.

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   Ear Piercing, Should I or Shouldn't I?
You will always be able to find arguments for and against piercings. There are options for jewelry for both pierced and unpierced ears. If you cannot take care of a piercing by cleaning it and your earrings, you may want to opt for clip-ons.

   Great Clip-On Earrings
Many people think of clip-on earrings and think pain, redness, and not very cute anyway. In the new 21st Century however, computers and telephones are not the only things that continue to progress. Clip-on earrings are coming back with more comfort and flair.

   Picking the Right Earrings
Earrings can pull a whole outfit together and can also express your personality and demand others' attention. Picking and choosing which earrings to wear when however is a bit more difficult and takes not just practice, but a few basic guidelines.

   Treating an Infected Ear Piercing
Needing to treat an infected ear piercing? You don't want the hole to close, and going to the doctor may be too expensive. Read on to find an inexpensive answer.