Ear Piercing, Should I or Shouldn't I?

Written by Lecia DeBrine (last updated November 25, 2020)

Earrings have been a favorite accessory for people for ages all over the world. Choices for ear decor range from simple little studs, to extravagant chandelier styles, to the more extreme gauged look. However, for some people the idea of poking a hole in any part of their body, even the ear lobe, is mortifying. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to piercing your ears, but there are a few things to think about before you make up your mind.

You are creating a hole in your body which is essentially a wound and your body will try to heal it. If you do not keep your earring in for the suggested amount of time the chances of that happening get much higher. Also after that period you need to remember that the hole can still close up if you leave your earrings out for an extended amount of time. Eventually you body will heal the "wound" but leave the hole and you can go years without wearing any earrings and the piercing will stay intact, but until then it's best if you keep an earring in.

Whether the piercing is old or new infection is always a possibility. It is very important that you keep your piercing clean, especially in the beginning. Because the body has not healed itself the hole is more prone to infections and needs to be regularly flushed with either an ear care solution (often given to you at the time you receive the piercing) or some alcohol. After the ear is healed cleaning does not need to happen as often, but an occasional rinse can prevent infections and keep the piercing clear of any debris. Not only do you need to keep your ears clean, but periodically cleaning your earrings with the solution or alcohol is important. Dirty earrings are more likely to introduce infections or irritate the ear.

Clip-on earrings are not just for your grandma anymore, many of today's styles are available in clip-ons and are excellent for people with sensitive ears. Another non-intrusive alternative to the normal earring is an ear cuff. This is an earring that wraps around the edge of your ear, usually on the side, but can be placed anywhere you like. They come in just as many varieties as regular or clip-on earrings and are a good choice for someone looking for a more unconventional look.

If you decide to get the piercings go to a professional to have it done, seeing as they will have sterile equipment. If you do it yourself you are more likely to end up with uneven holes and run a higher risk of infecting your ears. If you would rather not make a hole in your ear, remember that there are still options for adorning your lobes. Either way find yourself a great pair of earrings tuck that hair behind your ears and show them off.

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Lecia DeBrine


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