Eyebrow Threading

by Jessica Wright
(last updated September 22, 2014)

Eyebrow threading is an old technique to remove unwanted hair. This technique has actually been around for centuries, and is quite common in the Middle East, India, and other Asian countries. This procedure of removing hair is becoming fashionable here in the United States and other western countries. Men and women have both used this method to remove hair from eyebrows, cheeks, lips, and chins. It is a great alternative to the normal waxing and tweezing.

This procedure is usually done in a salon using one tool—cotton thread. The thread is twisted into a double stranded and is used to pick up and trap the hair as it lifts the hair out of its follicles. As the thread is rolled over the skin it picks up even the small baby hairs.

When shaping the eyebrows or trying to eliminate the "one eyebrow" look, threading really is the best option as it creates a clean and precise hairline. This will help in creating shape and definition to the eyebrows.

While this procedure is very gentle and is a sanitary way of removing unwanted hair. It feels more like a pinch, but the pain of the pinch varies with the different levels of pain that people can handle. Even with a little discomfort it is less painful than tweezing or plucking one hair at a time. With threading a whole line of hair is removed at one time. This gives the eyebrows a precise and defined shape.

Eyebrow threading lasts longer than either waxing or tweezing. Threading will usually last from three to four weeks before it will need to be done again. With regular treatments the hair that grows back in comes in finer and sparser. There is also no burning, peeling, or irritation that lingers after the hair has been removed. This is a great alternative to waxing and tweezing for people with sensitive skin.

The cost of eyebrow threading is actually cheaper than that of waxing or plucking by a professional. The cost runs anywhere from $6 up to $10. Part of the reason that the cost is so low is that there are no harsh chemicals that are being used and it is quick to do.

You will want to find an aesthetician who knows how to do threading correctly and is experienced with this procedure. If not you may end up experiencing some unpleasant consequences such as unnecessary pain, brows that are uneven, hair breakage and even ingrown hair.

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Jessica Wright

Jessica is a communications major studying for her masters and working full time. Growing up in a household of girls, she learned young the fun of trying new beauty ideas. Jessica enjoys playing the piano, dating, and having a good time with family and friends. ...


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