Top Ten Styles for Short Hair

by Charlotte Wood
(last updated February 20, 2015)

Different variations of short hair have always been in the mode and therefore always evolving, different styles becoming trendier at different times. I think that having short hair is one the best ways some women can express their personality; many times, sporting a short style is risky and takes some mustering of hair courage. Some women however, are still at a loss for how to do their not-so-long tresses, so here are some of my ideas on how to best style your short hair.

  1. Probably one of the cutest (and certainly most time proven) styles is the bob. Usually cut up around the ears, the bob is one of the standby classics that some people can pull off without a sweat. The thing to remember with the bob however is if your face shape isn't conducive to such a short cut, don't do it!
  2. With the bob you can also spice it up a bit by giving it an a-line lift to it. Have it cut a tad higher in the back and just a bit longer around the chin. This gives a good frame to your face along with an extra flair of style.
  3. You can do many of the same style ideas as women with long hair and you just need to know how to tweak it so it works for you. The soft curl style for instance is a look that can be easily applied to short hair. You can take a small barreled curling iron and curl small pieces of hair so that it's given just a small lift. Pulling off really curly hair though is a bit more difficult with really short hair.
  4. An easy cut to have is the super short but still chic and stylish boyish cut. It can still be trendy and distinctly feminine but be super short as well. With just a bit of product this cut is ready to take you anywhere from the gym to the conference room.
  5. With short hair leaning toward the longer side, using a straight iron is usually a fun way to go. You can give your hair that sleek, professional look you've been seeking in a just a few minutes with the flat iron. Flip the iron in just a bit so your hair has some more shape to it.
  6. You can also pull off some cute flippy looks with your short hair, regardless of how short. The tools you use may be different depending on your actual length, but a trendy flipped out look is always handy. Be careful though to make soft flips rather than a harsher, more defined flipped out look; you don't want hair that looks too childish!
  7. Some short hair cuts are made just so they're done like that everyday; these styles aren't intended for too much fiddling. One such style is the spiky look. Regardless of whether it's spiky all over or just in the back with the hair longer in the front (the latter style usually has the longer bangs swept across the forehead and tucked behind the ears). This one, while perfect for some people, is one that takes a bit more dedication because you really do need to style your hair everyday.
  8. If you have a natural wave to your hair you can use mousse and a diffuser on your blow dryer to lock in some of that wave. This works best when you get out of the shower or you get your hair really wet. This way your whole head of hair can be dried the same way, as opposed to only doing some of most of your hair. This style only looks good when it's consistent.
  9. Another cute way to wear short hair is with soft, but noticeable layers. This can easily be blown dry or curled out or in and if a great way to give your hair more body and shape.
  10. One of my favorite ways to do any style or length of hair is to simply wear a wide headband or ribbon in your hair. This can go with any style and can pull together any outfit and remedy almost any bad hair day. Ribbons and headbands are always good to have on hand!

Having short hair need not be reason for just sticking to one style; there are many and various ways to wear your short hair and now you can go out and be a trendsetter with confidence!


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