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Nail Biting

If a childhood habit is haunting you into later years, we have help. If you haven't stopped biting your nails yet, we can give suggestions on how to bring it to an end. If you have stopped (or tried to), we have advice to help make your decision permanent.

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   Breaking the Nail Biting Habit
You probably bit your nails when a kid and there's always the chance you carried that habit with your to adulthood. This habit needs to be broken and there are only a few simple things to remember and tips to try that will make the no-nail-biting easy and rewarding.

   Stop Biting Your Nails
Are you tired of the short nail stubs and bleeding that often goes along with biting your nails? Stopping this bad habit is not easy, but with time, some simple guidelines, and lots of willpower it can be accomplished.