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How to Find the Right Men's Shoes

Men are more fashion conscious than ever before. There was a time when a man usually owned one pair of shoes. Those shoes would be determined by the man's profession and were considered to be a necessity. For dressier occasions they would clean and polish their shoes. That is no longer the case. Today you will find shoes for almost every type of occasion.

The difficult part comes in finding and wearing the right shoes for the right occasion. In today's world of fashion it is considered a necessity for a man to have at least three different types of shoes for different occasions. If the budget is tight than there has to be a lot of thought that goes into which type of shoes to buy so that they will complement the basic wardrobe. There are three basic rules to follow when choosing shoes.

Color of Shoes

When selecting a pair of shoes it is important to always wear shoes that match the color of the trousers or are a darker color than the trousers. Here is a color-matching guide that can help if you are in question as to what color of shoes goes best with different color of pants.

  • Black shoes. Black shoes go well with any color of pants, especially with gray, navy, or black pants.
  • Brown shoes. Wearing brown shoes you will want to be more careful on the colors that you wear. If you are wearing brown shoes go for beige, tan, brown, or color pants.
  • Burgundy shoes. Burgundy shoes go well with pants that are grey, blue, khaki, or light brown.
  • Tan shoes. Tan colored shoes look great with beige, blue, white, or earth-tone pants.

Shoes for Different Attire

When it comes to wearing shoes you want to be sure that you are wearing the right type of shoes with the right type of pants. There are three basic types of pants that you should wear the right type of shoes with.

  • Jeans. When wearing jeans you can wear most any type of shoes, except for shoes that have a shine to them. Jeans look great with sneakers, loafers, and boots. However, the type of shirt that you wear with your jeans can make a difference. T-shirts go better with sneakers, while loafers go well with polo shirts.
  • Casual pants. The casual look is a little bit dressier than jeans and requires a more sophisticated look. Shoes that go best with the casual look of Chinos or Dockers would be loafers.
  • Formal. When wearing formal clothes it is necessary to wear formal shoes. Formal shoes are shoes that are usually made in leather and have a shiny appearance. Choose shoes that either match the pants or are darker.

Different Accessories

There are certain accessories that need to be coordinated with your shoes to give the right fashion statement.

  • Belts. Wear shoes that match the color of your belt, especially if you are wearing formal clothes.
  • Socks. Wearing matching socks is a safe way to go, but isn't necessary. When wearing formal clothes socks should either match the color of the shoes or just a shade lighter.

As you buy your shoes try to think not only of comfort, but also for what occasions you will be wearing the shoes, as well as what type of clothes that you have. Then as you expand your wardrobe, you will want to expand to different styles of shoes.


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