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If you've ever been to a bridal shower, you've undoubtedly experienced the embarrassed yet flirtatious lingerie gifts that are funny and simultaneously full of innuendo. And while few, if any, people will see these delicate articles of clothing actually worn, there are still some lingerie fashion do's and don'ts that you need to consider. Boundaries of propriety don't stop at the clothes that everyone sees. First of all, lingerie isn't just sexy, lacy nighties that eventually come off anyway. Lingerie is also women's underwear in general. In this article, I'll cover both areas of lingerie fashion.

Underwear for Underwear's Sake. Everyone has to wear underwear, and really what wear underneath everything is personally and doesn't need to be discussed in a public forum. For how your underwear affects how you look to others, just remember to wear underwear that fits. Nothing is worse than wearing a bra or panties that's too small, forcing the excess to go places where it shouldn't. And that excess is seen when you wear regular clothes anyway—wearing well fitting undergarments will make your outside appearance more refined and sophisticated. And remember that underwear is supposed to stay under. Purposely wearing a thong and low-cut jeans, allowing the thong to be a part of your ensemble, is just trashy, folks. And it's the same with your bra: yeah, you may enjoy wearing that leopard print bra, but don't wear a sheer shirt so that everyone can see it. It's unrefined and unneeded. Keep your underwear unseen.

Lingerie for Sex Appeal. Let's be honest—when you're having that special night in with your honey, you want to slip something on that will turn up the heat a bit. There's nothing wrong with that. But you do want your lingerie to be saying the right thing, and know that not all lingerie has to scream, "Come and get it! Let's get nasty!" Lingerie doesn't have to and shouldn't be trashy. You can have alluring lingerie while still maintaining class and sophistication. When picking out a piece of lingerie, think about what it says. Sure, sexy lingerie is ultimately meant to be taken off (let's be real, here), but you can wear something that helps you maintain dignity and not make you feel slutty. Some of the cutest lingerie I've seen is cotton, strappy nighties, not sheer, lacy, barely-there lingerie.

Lingerie is a personal subject that you should keep personal. Sure at that bridal shower it's all on display, but really, your lingerie—both underwear and sexy lingerie—should make you feel comfortable. Lingerie isn't supposed to be trashy but should rather be alluring and sexy.


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