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These days fashion is everywhere, and I often find myself saying, "Look at that outfit!" and "I love what your wearing!" I look at magazines and see great pictures of clothes but when I put similar pieces together it is never quite as good. On their own, clothes are simply for warmth and modesty but with a little something added you can create a "look." For both men and women, having just a few simple accessories can accomplish this.

For women jewelry, scarves, and bags make up basic accessories that get maximum usage. You don't need to fill a huge box with loads of necklaces and rings; this is definitely a "less is more" situation. Pick a couple necklaces that you love and can wear with multiple outfits and find some earrings to wear when you pull your hair back. Rings and bracelets are great but remember to keep it to one or two of each. Another staple for women is colorful scarves. These can be worn in so many ways and are often passed up by women who don't think they can wear them. Experiment with ways to wear them and fun colors; you will find the possibilities are endless. A purse is a good way to finish an outfit in a functional yet fashionable way. Neutral bags are good for everyday use and colored and metallic bags add that extra punch to your look. Simple accessories add an elegant and classic touch to your wardrobe that can provide you with many timeless looks.

Every well-dressed man should have a few staples in their closets as well. Belts are a basic piece of fashion that finishes almost any ensemble. A classic black or brown belt is a practical choice for any guy, but don't be afraid to try something new. A metallic or a thicker belt might give you that specific look you are trying for. Like the belt, another common piece that is often under estimated is the tie. Ties come in more colors, patterns, and fabrics every day it seems, affording you choices to find some that fit you. Your ties kick a little color into your wardrobe and give you more options than anything else in your closet. Adding some shine to your look comes in many forms. It could be a simple silver or gold tie bar, a money clip, or even a simple chain on a pocket watch or around your neck. All of these items are great ways to accent your attire and polish any look you may be going for.

For men and women alike, sunglasses are excellent accessories that fit almost any look and provide vital protection from the sun. Shoes are one of your best accessories and can change any look. Now you can start building your accessory collection and see how many double takes you get as you walk down the street with your new polished look.


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Adeola    05 Jul 2012, 09:39
Great tip..really appreciate. i think it would be lovely if you include pictures to these tips.. thanks

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