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There are times when every girl wishes she had eyelashes like Belle's or Cinderella's—their lashes are so long and alluring! (It's also in times like these when girls go around singing "Part of Your World" and "Once Upon a Dream", wishing life into Disney movie). So how do you transform those stick straight to soft, lustrous lashes that complement your eyes and enhance your beauty? The answer is quite simple.

The easiest way I've found to make my eyelashes look longer is to invest in an eyelash curler. It's easy to use, elongates your eyelashes, and fits neatly into your makeup bag. Once learned, curling your eyelashes is all but effortless. Take the curler and put it so your eyelashes fit in between the rubber strips. Close the curler around the lashes at their base so the lashes are forced upwards, but be careful not to pinch the eyelid—it hurts! While reopening and closing the curler around the lashes, move the curler farther down the eyelashes to achieve the best effect possible. This will curl every part of the lash instead of just the bottom. Also be careful to not pull too hard, otherwise you'll pull your eyelashes out!

Sometimes women just don't have enough eyelashes to curl and then they head to the fake lash department. This area is a little more tricky and should be approached with some degree of caution. You probably don't want a full set because that could end up look very much like Halloween, so more likely than not you'll want some fill-in kind of lashes. You can find instructions on how to apply them a few places online, but honestly I'd avoid it if you could. An eyelash curler and some good mascara can thicken and enhance just about anyone's lashes. To apply your own false eyelashes follow these simple steps.

  1. Clean your eyes and remove all makeup
  2. Apply a fine line of glue to the false lash and let it sit for one minute. You can add more glue if needed.
  3. Apply the lashes just above your real lashes and get it as close to your lash line as possible.
  4. Now apply your regular eye makeup, but you probably won't need mascara.

And here are a few of tips to keep in mind:

  • Think about the look you want. Do you want a full set for a greatly dramatic look or do you just want enhancements with partial false lashes?
  • Think of the occasion. Don't apply lashes that would be inappropriate for the event.
  • Practice before you do it for the actual event! Prevent disaster through practice!
  • Don't ever sleep in false lashes.
  • Soak your fake eyelashes in an eyelash cleaning solution.
  • Don't ever rip the lashes from your eyes.
  • Don't ever put the glue directly on your eyes—keep it safe!

Long lashes, regardless of your eyelash state are not impossible to achieve! With little pain and a simple eyelash curler (or some false lashes if you so prefer) and some mascara to seal the deal, you'll be set to go!


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