Permanent Eyebrows

by Karen Bates
(last updated June 17, 2016)

There are many people who go to great lengths to achieve a certain look. Beauty routines can take a lot of time each day, but those who undertake all of this work for their appearance would likely say that the results are worth all of the effort.

Eyebrows can be a tricky part of your beauty ritual. For some, plucking and waxing are constant chores that must be done to keep eyebrows properly groomed. Eyebrow pencils may also be used to get just the right look and shape in this area if the eyebrows are sparse. Some people choose to groom their eyebrows at home, while others prefer to visit the salon instead. Of course, all of this maintenance for your eyebrows can get annoying and inconvenient.

Because so many people dislike their repetitive beauty routines, permanent make up has become more and more popular. Eyebrows are no exception. Many people who find shaping eyebrows or penciling them in often find that permanent eyebrows are a hassle-free solution.

One of the best-known methods for getting permanent eyebrows is by tattooing. To get a permanent eyebrow tattoo, you first choose the shape and color that you want your eyebrows to be. Then, a technician will use a needle to tattoo the color onto your skin. This can be a painful process, and may take several days or weeks to heal completely. Newly tattooed clients must also take proper care of the tattoos to prevent fading or infection.

There are pros and cons to getting permanent eyebrows, and the prospective client should carefully consider if it is the right choice. It is great to have one less thing to worry about during your beauty routine, and having permanent makeup can save a lot of time and hassle. Plus, your eyebrows will look just right all of the time. There are, however, some drawbacks. Sometimes, the tattoos don't come out exactly like you'd planned. The color might look different than you imagined, or perhaps the shape isn't quite right. Unfortunately, the makeup is permanent and there might not be much you can do to fix any problems. Plus, the term "permanent makeup" is not completely accurate, since it can fade over time and will probably need to be touched up. This procedure can also be expensive.

Permanent eyebrows are a great option for some and can really save time and effort. It is important, however, to make sure you are completely committed to going through with the procedure and have a lot of information before getting it done.

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Karen Bates

An English student who enjoys writing and art, Karen has had her poetry published in her university's literary journal and has several novels in the works. ...


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