Sedu Short Hairstyles

by Charlotte Wood
(last updated December 14, 2016)

Whenever people think of any kind of "straight" hairstyle, I think they tend to think it's only for long hair. For a while I, too, thought that straight hair only looked good on longer hair and I thought that short hair only looked good curled out, curled under, or just curly. That's one of the great things about Sedu, though—you can look great with any length of hair! There are multiple short hairstyles that look great when you use Sedu; you can have it slightly curl under, slightly flip out, or be stick straight and always look great.

When you use the Sedu iron on your short hair, your goal is to create a look full of volume and depth. You do that by accenting the shortness of your hair. Put small chunks of hair in the Sedu iron and from here you can go a few different directions. (For this I'm thinking more about really short cuts, more "boy cut" styles). You can go stick-straight to create a more bold look that says "hey I have short hair and I straightened it—so there!"

If that doesn't quite float your boat then there are a couple of other ways to tone down your look. Take those chunks and flick them out a bit to create a bit more direction with your hair. Have the chunks all facing slightly different directions to give the illusion that you have more hair than you actually do. Another way to soften your look and increase your volume is to flick the chunks of hair slightly under. When doing this technique, don't pull your hair straight down when flicking under; you should pull the hair out a bit more as you flick to get the increased volume you want.

For short hairstyles that are longer than the boy-cut styles but still are classified as "short," the same basic rules apply. The only thing you should try to avoid with longer short hairstyles is doing it stick-straight. That look doesn't quite cut it for me, but the Sedu looks that are great with longer short styles are the slightly under or slightly flipped looks. When you flick under or flick out your hair follows the same technique mentioned above by pulling out and away from your head as you flick to increase the volume of your hair. I think are the looks that look the most chic and trendy.

One of the big pulls of Sedu is the fact that you can use Sedu regardless of your hair length; you can look like a celebrity all the time!


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