Joining the Sedu Revolution

by Charlotte Wood
(last updated June 23, 2014)

If you're like me, then you recently read the phrase "hair Sedu" and wondered "what in the world is that?!" I hadn't even heard about Sedu until very recently and felt the need to do intense research as to what exactly Sedu is. It's making its way into mainstream society (meaning probably soon you can say something about Sedu without the majority of people saying "what?!") After you know more about what Sedu is you'll be better able to join the movement if you so desire. Sedu is a whole hair subculture of which you need a bit of introduction to begin to understand.

Sedu is short for "seductive" and refers to a very specific flat iron that first was introduced with Jennifer Aniston's stunning tresses on the hit TV show Friends. (Sedu is a perfect example of the power of celebrity endorsement.) Other celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton use Sedu and continue to receive massive amounts of attention regarding their hair. How Sedu irons work is that the technology creates moisture in the hair and then the ceramic or tourmaline plates of the iron work to control the heat applied to the hair so your style is consistent.

I think what is most appealing about the Sedu look is its sleekness and shine. I think most of us see a celebrity hairdo and automatically assume that we could never pull that off. Most of the time we can't; the vast majority of the population do not have a team of hair and makeup stylists whose job it is to make us look good. Most of us definitely have to make do with our own skill or lack thereof. The thing about Sedu though is that it supposedly makes celebrity looks—the sleek, the shine, the polish—all accessible in our own routines, with our own supplies.

The first thing to do to join the Sedu Revolution is obviously to invest in a Sedu iron, which goes for no less than $100. This is a big investment for a hair straightener, but if it's worth it and if it works for you, then go for it. I don't think you can achieve most of the Sedu looks with a regular $20 straightener because I can tell you right now that my hair most definitely does not look like Jennifer Aniston's when I use my straight iron. Using your Sedu iron will also take a bit of practice to get the hang of it and so your hair does look like the celebrities'.

Because of the high cost of a Sedu iron, they stay mainly in the rich and famous realm of possibility, but if you so choose to join the Sudu hair revolution, go for it. It will most surely lead you into the hair subculture and who knows if you'll ever be able to go back?


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