Underarm Hair Removal

by Karen Bates
(last updated June 24, 2015)

We spend a lot of our time grooming and improving our appearances. Every day, most people set aside a decent amount of time that they dedicate to grooming and beauty routines in order to achieve the appearance they desire.

Hair is one thing that we have to deal with. Whether you like it or not, there is probably some grooming that just about everyone does to remove unwanted hair. Some people go to great lengths to be rid of hair, and might go through a lot of pain or spend a lot of money to get the results they want.

The underarms are a popular place for hair removal. Some can't stand to have hair in this area, and make an effort to keep the skin here hair-free. There are many choices when it comes to underarm hair removal—it mostly depends on the preferences of the person wanting the hair to go away.

To get smooth, hair-free underarms, try one of these ideas:

  • Shaving. This is probably the most popular method of underarm hair removal out there. All you need is a razor, some shaving cream, and water. To get a good shave, get the skin wet and cover with cream. Run a razor over the skin to cut the hair. Because underarm hair doesn't always grow in one direction, try shaving a few different ways in order to get all of the hair. With shaving, stubble tends to start growing back within a day or less.
  • Waxing. This potentially painful method yanks hair follicles out so they won't grow back for a while, usually weeks. You can wax at home or go to a salon, but if it is your first time you should probably have a professional do it for you. You will probably need to let the hair grow a bit before waxing so it is easier to pull out. This can be painful, but the results last longer and because of this many prefer it to shaving.
  • Laser. Another option is to use a laser to remove the hair. A technician will use a laser on the area, and this will stop the hair from growing back. You will probably need several treatments to make it permanent, however, and it can cost a lot of money in the end.
  • Lotions. You can try hair removal lotions to get rid of the hair in your underarms. There are many different brands to choose from, but most of them work by applying the lotion to the area, letting it sit, and wiping away. If you have sensitive skin, though, you should probably try another method—these lotions have chemicals that can be irritating.

With different option to help you remove underarm hair, there should be a method that will work for you. Try some of them out and see how you like the results.

Author Bio

Karen Bates

An English student who enjoys writing and art, Karen has had her poetry published in her university's literary journal and has several novels in the works. ...


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