Choosing the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Shape

by Emily McBride
(last updated August 5, 2016)

Most women have at least one thing about their bodies that they wish they could change, and wearing only a swimsuit often accentuates those flaws. But don't let your insecurities keep you from skipping the pool or the beach all together. Choosing the best swimsuit for your shape can help you feel more confident and better enjoy your time in the sun. Although there are too many different body shapes to cover in this article, hopefully you will get some ideas of how to maximize your best assets and minimize your flaws. Here are some common body issues that will help to determine what kind of swimsuit you choose:

  • Big Tummy. Avoid two-piece swimsuits. Look for swimsuits that offer a tummy control panel. These are usually made of thicker stretchy material, so they help you to "hold it in." If you insist on a two-piece, choose one that only shows a small strip of skin around your waist. Dark colors are good, but don't be afraid of patterns.
  • Big Bottom. Instead of working hard to hide your bottom, work to accentuate your top. Choose fun details, like ruffles, that will help draw attention upward. Also, look for a solid-colored, average-sized bottom; you don't want to get one that's too skimpy, and you also don't want one that's too big because it will make your bottom look bigger. If you still feel uncomfortable, look for a sheer sarong or a mini-skirt bikini.
  • Straight Figure. If you have a straight figure, your goal with your swimsuit is making your body look like it has bigger curves. To do this, you want to avoid solid colors and instead, choose fun patterns or tops or bottoms with embellishments.
  • Big Chest. If you have a big chest, the most important reason to pick a swimsuit carefully is for security. Pick a top or a one-piece that fits and that you'll feel comfortable moving around in. If you are smaller on the bottom, it may be easier to get either a bikini or tankini with different-sized bottoms and tops rather than trying to find a one-piece swimsuit that fits your entire body.

Keep some of these ideas in mind as you try on swimsuits. Don't be afraid to be picky and go to multiple stores before you choose which suit you want. If you're out in the sun, you'll want to have fun—not be stressed and uncomfortable with what you are wearing!

Author Bio

Emily McBride

A senior majoring in English and editing at BYU, Emily hopes to enter the field of professional editing upon graduation. Emily has done humanitarian work in Africa and studied in London. She enjoys blogging, foreign films, and playing the piano. ...


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