The Best Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes

by Emily McBride
(last updated August 24, 2016)

Makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty—not cover it up. Blue eyes are naturally beautiful already, so you don't want to wear your makeup in such a way that it takes the focus over your eyes. One way to help accentuate your eyes is to pick eye shadow colors that will complement your blue eyes. Another thing to keep in mind when you are choosing your makeup is you hair color and skin tone. These also play into affect which colors will look good on you.

Don't try to match your eye shadow color to the color of your clothes. That is out of style. It's best to focus instead on what looks best with your eyes, your skin tone, and your hair. The fashion and makeup industries usually divide colors into "warm" and "cool" tones. Blue is a cool color, so the best way to enhance it is with warm tones. One tip to keep in mind is to use the color wheel: try wearing eye shadow colors that are opposite on the color wheel to your color of eyes. Opposite of blue on the color wheel are the orange and brown palettes. Here are some color options that will look good on blue eyes. Keep in mind that these colors do not have to be these exact colors, just within the color families:

  • Orange, copper, peach, coral, bronze, rust
  • Pale pink, rose, violet, purple
  • White, grey, khaki, chocolate brown, camel, taupe
  • Don't wear blue eye shadow—it will make your eyes seem dull

Use a primer to help your eye shadow to not crease, so it will stay on all day. To top it off, add some eyeliner and mascara. Consider wearing different eye shadow during the day and in the evening. You can get away with wearing bolder colors and more makeup at night. For example, during the day you may want to wear a grey or neutral color of eye shadow; at night you may want to wear violet eye shadow with heavy eyeliner.

There's not just one right way to wear eye shadow for blue eyes. Different people prefer different styles, such as classic, dramatic, or natural. The best way to decide what will look best on you is to experiment. Try out different colors and techniques for applying. Often at department store makeup counters, you can get assistance and makeup tips from a consultant.

Author Bio

Emily McBride

A senior majoring in English and editing at BYU, Emily hopes to enter the field of professional editing upon graduation. Emily has done humanitarian work in Africa and studied in London. She enjoys blogging, foreign films, and playing the piano. ...


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