Waterproof Mascara

by Charlotte Wood
(last updated February 12, 2016)

Mascara is one of those very basic cosmetics that every girl should have. Mascara has the power to enhance your already beautiful face. It gives depth to your eyes and punch to your look. If you use mascara in the best way, you'll find that it is an indispensible product worth investing in. Because mascara is such a crucial staple in any makeup bag, you need to take the time to choose the best kind for you. There are so many kinds of mascara out there: volumizing, lengthening, waterproof, and more. Waterproof mascara is a type that is always worth looking into, and it's important to distinguish between the lame waterproof and the quality waterproof.

The biggest reason you'd need waterproof mascara is if you wear contact lenses. If you do wear or have ever worn contact lenses, you know what it's like to get something in your eye. You blink rapidly, tear up immediately, and frantically try to claw the lens out of your eye, and in the process, your makeup can be almost completely ruined. Awesome! Maybe you don't wear contacts, but you cry a lot. Or your eyes are naturally very watery. In any of these instances, waterproof mascara is something you need.

Waterproof mascara makes it so that the natural tears from your eyes (or a rainy day or swimming in a pool, and so forth) don't completely ruin your makeup. You know that "runny mascara" look that's not too attractive? Waterproof mascara prevents that. Be careful when choosing a waterproof mascara, because some of them don't have such a great quality. Some waterproof mascara doesn't go on very well or improve the look of your eyelashes at all. Good waterproof mascara, on the other hand, looks great and stays on even when in contact with water.

Something to keep in mind with waterproof mascara is that, obviously, it takes more than water to remove it. If you don't already use a specific eye makeup remover, buy one if you plan on using waterproof mascara. Regarding eye makeup removers, you have two basic choices: oil-based and non–oil based. My favorite is non–oil based, because it doesn't make the area around oily and gross. You may have to rub a little harder to get the waterproof mascara off, because it's designed to withstand liquid. However, it does come off without too much extra work!

Waterproof mascara is worth looking into if you have any concerns about mascara running down your face in case of any unforeseen incident, like a torn contact or an unexpected sad chick flick! Check it out!


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