Picking the Right Mascara

by Charlotte Wood
(last updated November 25, 2013)

There are so many different brands and varieties of mascara. Just go to your local drugstore, Wal-Mart, or Target and check out the makeup aisle—the myriad of mascaras might very well overwhelm you. You have the handful of staple brands like Maybelline, Cover Girl, and Neutrogena and then within each of those brands you have waterproof, lash extending, and volumizing mascaras all coming in different colors ranging from blue to brown to black. Good grief is all I have to say to that. So then how, with all those options, can you pick the right mascara?

One of the tactics that has actually worked for me is allowing commercials to influence me. If a particular brand or variation of mascara appeals to you because of the commercials, then why not try it? It's not like mascara is a life-changing decision. If you end up not liking your choice, you'll only be out about $7.00. When deciding from among your mascara options, one of the things to ask yourself is what exactly you want from your mascara. Do you want your basic, functional mascara? Do you want fuller lashes? Do you need waterproof mascara? (You might want to seriously consider this one if you wear contacts.) Do you want longer lashes?

Once you figure out what you want, you'll better be able to choose what kind of mascara to buy. After that you need to decide on a brand of mascara and this is entirely up to preference. Unless you already have a favorite non-mainstream brand, I'd suggest trying out the big brands first—they're pretty consumer-proven.

Picking the right mascara is more of an individual quest and sometimes you have to go through a trial and error. If you follow that initial simple guideline however of figuring out exactly what you want in your mascara then the rest follows pretty easily. You may have to try out a few different ones before you discover the exact right one, but once you do you'll sure be glad! Good luck!


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