Foundations for Dry Skin

by Amy Pusey
(last updated January 28, 2015)

Foundation is key to increasing your makeup's longevity throughout the day. There are a wide variety of choices, but not every type of foundation will work well on dry skin. Dry skin needs moisture, so any cosmetic that you choose should be formulated to provide it and not zap it from your skin. Some of the forms in which foundation is available are:

  • Powders
  • Creams
  • Liquids
  • Mousses
  • Sticks
  • Creams-to-powder
  • Sprays

Variety brings with it confusion, and that leads you to purchasing the wrong kind of foundation and makeup. For dry skin, the following are the best forms to use on a daily basis:

  • Sticks. A cream foundation and often contains a concealer all in one product. Sticks promote long-lasting coverage, and are easy to reapply when necessary.
  • Creams. They provide thick and heavy coverage due to the additional moisturizers they contain.
  • Liquids. Offer a smooth and light coverage for all skin types. They are great for disguising slight skin blemishes, as well as minor scars. They provide effective moisturizers because liquid foundations are both water- and oil-based formulas.
  • Sprays. A new foundation product on the market that is gaining in popularity. The spray-on foundation creates a light, even color to the complexion. It can either be applied directly to your face, or it can even be sprayed onto a sponge for an equally-light application.
  • Tinted Moisturizers. A great choice if you want to apply a touch of color to your skin, while primarily seeking the benefits of moisturizing it at the same time. An ideal alternative if your goal is minimal coverage.

Finding foundations that are favored by other women who also have dry skin can be a difficult task. Some of that leg work has been taken care of for you, so read below for five foundations considered by users the best for dry skin:

  • Clinique Soft Finish Makeup. A moisturizing foundation that also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • MAC Selected Moisture Blend SPF 15. A cream-based foundation with sunscreen protection. It offers moisturizing properties and softens fine lines.
  • Shesiedo Fluid Foundation. A very light, hydrating makeup that creates an even, matte finish to the complexion.
  • Helena Rubinstein Color Clone Perfect Complexion Creator. A very light foundation that blends perfectly with your skin tone. It is long-lasting and provides plenty of moisture for a soft and flawless face.
  • Chanel Teint Fluide Universel. This complex foundation combines hydrating properties with a multi-vitamin formula to protect the skin. It offers a complexion that is both radiant and flawless.

Cosmetic companies are constantly working with technology to create more effective and safer makeup products for women to use as part of their daily routines. The right foundations and makeup are out there, you just need to learn what is right for your skin type and hone in on those products when it is time to make a new purchase.

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Amy Pusey

With over 18 years experience in operations and human-resource management, Amy Pusey uses her skills in her consulting and freelance writing activities. She is a freelance writer for, as well as a resume writer for ...


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