Summer Makeup Tips

by Amy Pusey
(last updated May 6, 2009)

The sweltering heat of summer can make it frustrating for many women to wear makeup. Increased temperatures promote perspiration, which leads to running makeup and frequent cleansing of the face. It can become not only annoying to constantly fix your makeup, but also harsh on your skin to repeatedly cleanse and reapply your makeup. One could say the heat adds insult to injury by taking your lipsticks, eyeliners, concealers, and other prized cosmetics and turning them into a gooey, unsalvageable mess.

Take heart, for it is not a total lost cause. There are ways in which you can apply your makeup and maintain a fresh face all summer long. You can also take steps to protect your beloved makeup from the summer heat's grasp. Before applying any makeup, at the start of your day incorporate some skin care to your regimen. A good routine will keep you skin healthy and provide a good base for your makeup to last longer.

  • Wash your face with a mild soap to remove dirt and pollutants from your skin. Soap can be drying, so use one that is gentle and only a couple of times a day at most.
  • Follow with a milk-based cleanser, which helps to soothe any irritations and removes any remaining dirt to further unclog your pores.
  • Rinse your face with ice cold water and hold a washcloth wet with ice cold water to your face for two to three minutes. The cold water helps to close your pores, which limits the amount of dirt and grim that may clog them.
  • Apply a lotion called 'Sweat Stop,' which is applied prior to makeup and helps to reduce facial perspiration. Allow it to dry before applying your makeup.
  • When you are ready to apply your makeup to a clean face, be certain your face is cool because makeup adheres better to a cool surface.
  • Begin with an oil-free, SPF-based moisturizing skin primer because it will help your makeup stay where it belongs.
  • Use either a whipped formula or powder foundation, both of which are light and perfectly suited for use in hot summer months. Pick one suited to the color of your current complexion, especially if you have obtained a tan. They also allow your skin to breathe more freely than heavier foundations.
  • For the eyes, switch to a light liquid eyeliner and select long-lasting formulas for mascaras and eye shadows. It also helps to pick mascara that is waterproof for those days you run from the office to the pool. Avoid cream eye shadows, since they show creasing and smear easily.
  • Take it easy on your lips, and use a lip stain, which will last much longer than your traditional lipstick in the heat of the day. Light and nude shades are great additions to your summer cosmetics lineup.
  • With or without a tan, add a bit of color to your cheeks, but keep it light. Use a powder blush instead of a liquid or cream because they are too heavy to use in the summertime.

Take care of your makeup, too. If you want to prevent indiscernible puddles of lipstick and eye shadow at the bottom of either your cosmetic case or handbag, try using an insulated bag to tote around your makeup. And, do your best to remember not to leave your makeup kit in your vehicle or another location that will get incredibly hot during the day. When the day is done, consider tossing the bag straight into your refrigerator to return your cosmetics to their normal firmness.

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