Finding Oily Skin Makeup

by Anza Goodbar
(last updated April 20, 2009)

Oily skin can be a blessing. I hated my oily skin as a teen. Especially in the summer when it was hot, it seemed my face always had an oily shine. I was constantly searching for the perfect product to keep my oil at bay. Now, as an adult living in an arid climate, my oily skin has helped reduce the signs of premature aging.

Finding the perfect makeup for oily skin begins with proper preparation for makeup application. It is necessary to go back to the basics: diet and a good skin care regimen.

  • You are what you eat. Avoid eating greasy or fried foods. Add fresh fruit and green leafy vegetables to your diet and drink lots of water to flush the toxins out of your system. Foods high in B vitamins are also good for overall skin health.
  • Prepare your pallet. Think of skin as an artist's canvas. Proper preparation needs to occur with the correct products to insure the best results. Women with oily skin typically have difficulty finding products that keep their skin looking fresh all day long.
  • Cleanse the face twice daily with an oil based cleanser, this will help dissolve the natural oils in the skin
  • Tone with an acetone not alcohol based astringent to remove any additional pore clogging agents.
  • Moisturize with a non-oil based moisturizer.
  • Mask once or twice a week, use a clay based mask to pull excess oils out of the skin.

Now that your skin is in proper condition finding products that will give a polished fresh look are more available.

  • Foundation. Use an oil-free foundation. Use a formula that is noncomedogenic, this means it won't clog your pores. Shy away from any product that has mineral oil, as it will cast a shine.
  • Powders. Use a pressed powder one shade lighter than your skin tone. Oil tends to darken the coloring agents in make up. Apply with a blotting technique to help absorb oil. Refresh as needed throughout the day.
  • Blush. Use a pressed powder blusher.
  • Eye shadow. Prepare the eyelid by applying foundation and power before applying eye shadow. This will help prevent creases in the eye lid throughout the day. There are also eye shadow primers that can help keep eye shadows in place. Avoid liquid shadows as they are oil based and will not hold up all day. Some pressed powder shadows can also be applied wet. This gives a more intense color and will be longer lasting.

Most department stores have cosmetic consultants who provide a make over services. Consult with them to find the products and shades that are suitable for your skin type and tone. Managing oily skin can be done with the right skincare and makeup products.

Author Bio

Anza Goodbar

Anza is a single mother of four who makes her home in Colorado. She enjoys writing, hiking and is an avid football and hockey fan. She is the owner of a virtual business services company; writing is just one of the many services her company offers. ...


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