Dealing With Skinny Arms

by Lecia DeBrine
(last updated December 8, 2014)

Arms are one of the most used and most beautiful parts of the body; they are the basis of nearly everything we do. No matter what size your arms are they can still be beautiful. When you show off your arms you want to make them look lean yet strong. If your arms are a little thinner than you want them to be there are a few ways for you to rectify that.

  • Adding Muscle Mass. Working your arms to add strength and muscle will tone them and give them a nice shape. You can get this by lifting weights. When lifting you want to start with a good weight that you know you will be able to lift easily for a few sets. As you gain strength you can add more weight. Plan your workouts so you can be sure you will accomplish everything that you want to, make sure you are getting both the front and back of your arms. The tricep is the biggest muscle in your arm and by working it you can gain some bulk on the back of your arms. Because of the accessibility of the bicep on the front of your arm, building muscle mass here is quite easy. Be patient with your body, it will take some time for visible results. Watch for the right size for your arms so you know when to stop adding mass and start maintaining your shape. You want to have a proportionate look from your arms to the rest of your body.
  • Creating Illusions with Clothes. If you are not interested in bulking up your arms, or just want to cover them until you can see some results there are a few tricks you can use to disguise them. Short sleeves that hit a little lower on you upper arm or right above the elbow will hide a skinny arm. If you are wearing a long sleeved shirt, thicker fabrics will help to add a little volume to your arms. Puffy or loose sleeves slightly tapered at the cuff can camouflage the problem too. Drawing attention away from the arms with an interesting neckline or embellishments is a good way to undercut the issue.

However you choose to deal with skinny arms, keep in mind that your body is constantly changing. In many cases both methods may end up being used. The best rule for feeling good about yourself is to enhance your best features. When you are focused on positive attributes, the less appreciated ones seem to fade away.


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