Piercing Your Ears

by Charlotte Wood
(last updated December 5, 2016)

For my eighth birthday my mom took me to the salon where I got my ears pierced for the first time. I remember being really scared when they put the ear gun up to my earlobe and I think I held my mom's hand. I'd envisioned myself in earrings before but had never really been able to accurately picture it. As the gun pierced my ear I let out a little cry, but then began smiling as I saw the new pearl stud in my ear. Since then I've accumulated dozens more pairs of earrings and I wear earrings almost everyday. They've become a part of my look and my style. I use them to express my personality and even sometimes to make a bang! Piercing your ears is a worthwhile investment that will reap dividends for most of your life.

While the ear gun is a bit intimidating when you're eight, once you're past the age of twelve, you should be okay with it. It really just feels like a sharp pinch on the ear and it hardly bleeds. The biggest pain of getting your ears pierced is the care of them the first six weeks after the piercing. I remember having to clean out my ear and my earrings every night so it didn't get infected (this was a test of responsibility from my mother), but it really wasn't that bad. After those initial six weeks of care they hardly need anything after that. Depending on the earrings I'm wearing, my ear might get irritated or a tad infected, but it doesn't take long to clear those things up! In all the years I've had pierced ears, I can't remember a single significant ear calamity.

The one thing I'd avoid is getting too many ear piercings. Two would be my max just because after that, even if you wear modest earrings, it takes too big a risk of looking trashy. I'm not saying that all girls who have more than two piercings are trashy, just that there's a much greater likelihood of that happening, even if it's not intentional.

Having pierced ears is definitely fun and adds to your personal style and flair. I like wearing bigger earrings that stand out; they give a more sophisticated edge and make it look like you know more what you're doing—they're a confidence booster! While it may seem superficial, piercing your ears really can change your image and your own confidence and poise. Pierced ears can add a level of sophistication to your look and give you that extra self-esteem boost you need!


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