Fixing a Torn Earlobe

Written by Charlotte Wood (last updated November 2, 2016)

Who knew that when I was eight I put the well being of my earlobe in jeopardy? No one told me on my birthday when the man with the ear gun put holes in my ears that one day I might need surgery, that one day my earlobe could tear, rip apart. Not a subject to be taken lightly, torn earlobes are easy to get and painful to repair. Apart from the fact that you might have to get surgery to fix your earlobe, a torn earlobe might make you feel kind of silly. The sound of "earlobe surgery" without a doubt induces a chuckle. What's the best way to fix an earlobe? You prevent the need for fixing in the first place.

One of the causes of torn earlobes is the widening of the pierced hole over time as it holds earrings. The weight can eventually build up to the point where it can tear just like that. Torn earlobes are probably more common than we initially think. When your earlobe is torn, it will probably require surgery to repair the torn tissue. It involves using a local anesthesia and reopening the wound to sew the lobe back together. Salve needs to be applied periodically and you will probably have to get your ears re-pierced (if you dare). The stitches from your earlobe cannot be removed until one to two weeks after the surgery, meaning one to two weeks of enduring potential mocking courtesy of your sutured lobes. Sometimes the deformation of the lobe is so severe that the doctors have to create a new smaller ear, resulting in odd proportions on your face.

The best way to fix a torn earlobe I believe is not to get it torn at all. (I mean, who knows how costly this lobe reconstruction could be?). It's fine to wear heavier, more weighted earrings every once in a while, but you probably shouldn't wear them everywhere all the time. Another tip: don't wear big earrings to bed or in the shower or while doing your hair in the morning. One wrong move with the round brush and it's a blood bath baby. Lifestyle should also be considered when selecting what earrings to wear. If you have a two-year-old, I'd suggest shelving the 2-1/2 inch hoops for a few more years. All it takes is one yank from a toddler who didn't get that cookie . . . When it comes to earlobes my friends, prevention is the golden ticket. Think of the pain (both physically and emotionally), the embarrassment, and the disproportionate ear. Take the necessary preventative measures to secure your long term, earring-wearing happiness.

Fallout from a torn earlobe:

  • A bloody ear
  • Making an appointment for an earlobe consultation
  • Sutured lobes
  • Disproportionate ears (after the reconstruction of course)
  • Potential embarrassment of having to check yourself in for an earlobe surgery
  • Potential mocking from loved ones and strangers alike

Author Bio

Charlotte Wood


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