Changing Your Eye Color

by Charlotte Wood
(last updated April 9, 2014)

I always envy those people whose eye color changes with what they're wearing or the weather outside. While I definitely like my eye color, it would be cool if it could change naturally. Alas, I believe the majority of the population has eyes like mine that don't change. I'm pretty okay with the fact that mine don't change, (plus I already wear contacts anyway), but some people want to alter their eye color artificially. While it's pretty simple to do, there are a few things to consider.

The best way to change your eye color is logically with contacts. Contacts are pretty simple and easy to use, and not hard to fit into your daily routine. For altering eye color, there are a couple of different contact options.

  • Enhancement Tint. The enhancement tint lens does just what the name says: it enhances your eye color. The people who usually wear these have relatively light colored eyes and wear these lenses to deepen and darken the color.
  • Color Tint. These lenses are darker and more intense, giving your eye a much more dramatic color change. If people with darker eyes wish to change their color, this is the way to do it. Color tint lenses come in a variety of colors including colors like violet and amethyst. These lenses are made to mimic the look of the natural eye and have a clear circle in the middle for your pupil. Color tint lenses also are used for theatre productions and can make your eyes look like that of an animal if need be.

Colored contacts also legally require a prescription which can be a hassle to get. Don't buy colored lenses off the street or anywhere that's not an optician's office; illegal contacts that aren't shaped to your eye can cause serious damage including blindness. With the color tint contacts especially, be aware that there are times when your vision could be obscured by the colored part. Because the clear space for the pupil doesn't move like your pupil does when it adjusts to light, there could easily be times when your pupil enlarges past the allotted clear space. Also the lens can move on the eye and the color could end up where it could look weird. Also, don't share your colored lenses with anyone; if, like you legally should, get your contacts from a doctor, then they're fitted to your eye and shouldn't be worn by anyone else.

While changing your eye color can be cool, use discretion and some level of taste when doing so. A girl I went to high school with had these contacts with the Green Bay Packer's mascot and colors on it. She wore them and looked utterly frightening; it was tacky. You don't want to look tacky when you have colored lenses, but I suggest going for a more enhanced natural look. You don't want to scare people away. It's just creepy.

Colored contacts are a quick way to change your eye color and can have a cool effect, however don't make this decision on a whim, but think it out so it's really what you want to do.


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