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Do It Yourself Hair Coloring

Just by following some simple procedures you can have gorgeous-looking hair that you did at home. There are three steps that, by following, will result in hair that looks like it was colored by a pro.

Choose Color Wisely

Hair can be classified into three different categories: warm, cool, and neutral. To find out what color suits you best think about the different colors of clothes that you wear.

  • Warm. These are colors like red and yellow. Your hair will have golden undertones that will look like the sun is reflecting on your hair.
  • Cool. If your hair is of a cool color there are no golden undertones. Cool colors are colors like lavender and dark blue.
  • Neutral. Neutral color is really a combination of both warm and cool colors.

When coloring your own hair do not stray too far from your own natural color. You want to stay within two shades of your own hair coloring.

Properly Prepare Yourself and Your Hair

Start by reading all the directions that come with the hair coloring kit. You need to find out how long you need to leave the dye on your hair so that you have plenty of time. Some hair coloring kits don't require you to wash your hair, or just rinse the dye out. After you have read all the directions take time to gather everything that you will need. Some items will come in the hair coloring kit, other items you will need to furnish yourself. Items needed:

  • Hair coloring kit
  • Gloves (usually found in hair coloring kit)
  • Brush
  • Rattail comb
  • Clips

Color Hair

There are three different ways to color your hair, with each requiring its own unique way of handling hair dye.

  • All-over Coloring. When you begin to color your hair you want to start out with dry hair. Part your hair in the middle using a rattail comb. Apply the dye onto 1/2-inch-wide sections of hair. As the dye is applied to the roots use the clips to keep the hair that has been treated away from hair that still needs to be treated. After you have applied hair dye to all areas of your hair, then simply pile your hair on top of your head while you wait for the processing to take place. Different packages or kits require different amounts of processing time. Be sure that you go by the time that is specified on the package. When the processing is finished rinse out the dye until the water is running clear.
  • Highlights. Always start out with dry hair. Take a small amount of hair approximately the same size as a dry spaghetti noodle. Hold the hair tight and, using a small color brush, paint the thin section of hair from the roots to the end of the hair. Release your hair and then dab just a little more solution to the end of the hair. Repeat this procedure along the part. Try to do an uneven amount of streaks; this will make the hair look more natural.
  • Touchup Roots. Touching up your roots should only be done when the rest of your hair looks good except for the natural re-growth or when gray hair is starting to appear. The great thing about touching up the roots is that you don't have to dye all your hair. You can use either the same type of color kit as you used to color your hair or purchase a root touch-up kit. Section off the hair that needs to be touched up. Start at the roots and color till you reach the old color. Process your hair as you would for all-over coloring.

Your hair will stay looking fabulous without all the added expense of going to the beauty salon. If you miss the gossip of the beauty salon, why not make it a girl's night in and color each other's hair?


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