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How to Apply Mascara

Before starting to apply mascara you will want to start with a clean face with all the makeup removed. A good makeup remover can eliminate all the old mascara and old makeup.

You need to decide if you will be using eye shadow and eyeliner before applying your mascara. Apply your eye shadow first and then apply whatever type of eyeliner you will be using. Make sure that you blend the eye shadow and eyeliner carefully. Stark or harsh lines will make the eyes appear harsh and will draw attention away from your eyes.

The next step is to take out the eyelash curler and apply the eye curler to the upper eyelashes. There are a couple of benefits of using an eyelash curler. An eyelash curler will help make the eyelashes appear to be longer making the eyes more attractive. Curled eyelashes will also give a lift to the eyes so they won't appear to be tired. Take the curler up to the eyelashes open the curler and close the curler with the eyelashes in the middle. Squeeze the curler shut with the eyelashes still in the middle. Counting to ten will be just the right amount of time to get the eyelashes to curl. Do this with both the right and left eyelashes.

To keep the eyelashes curled longer hold the eyelash curler under a blow hairdryer. Just hold the curler under the heat for a couple of seconds. Be careful not to get the curler to hot you might burn yourself.

Think seriously about the color of mascara. If you are a blond or redhead, try using brown mascara this gives a more natural color. Black looks too harsh and unnatural on blond and red-haired people.

The mascara wand should not be too pointy. When the wand has been pulled out of the container there will be an excess amount of mascara around the brushes of the wand. Take a clean tissue and remove the excess mascara. By removing the excess mascara you will prevent clumps of mascara on your eyelashes.

Always apply the mascara to the upper eyelashes first. On the upper eyelashes apply the mascara to the underneath portion (bottom side) of the eyelash. You will want to start with the lashes from the eyelid and move the mascara wand outwards. Holding the mascara wand vertically that is holding the mascara wand up and down move the wand in a back and forth motion (like you are wiggling the wand) across all the lashes.

Remember to not forget the corners of the eyelashes. Now use the same technique to apply mascara to the bottom eyelashes.

Investing in a lash comb can make all the difference with the look of your eyes. After applying the mascara to the eyelashes, comb them with the lash comb. Combing the eyelashes will separate the lashes giving a cleaner, wider-eye look.

If you want your eyelashes to appear thicker, just reapply the mascara again in the same fashion as before. Be sure that the mascara is dry before applying the second coat.

There may be times that as you apply the mascara that you may smudge the mascara. This is very easy to fix. Just take a Q-tip and dip the Q-tip into the makeup remover and gently wipe away the smudge.

As you apply the mascara, try to not keep dipping the wand into the mascara container. Dipping the wand continually will dry the mascara out before it's time. It also allows more bacteria into the mascara container which gives a greater chance of infection.


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