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Top Ten Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair has never gone out of fashion. There have always been trendy styles for long hair and there will always be trendy styles for long hair. Add to that that there will always be women with long hair, so of course we want that long hair to look amazing! Including actual cut styles and just other ways to style your hair, here are my top ten favorite ways to do long hair!

  1. Wear your hair completely straight. The way this looks best is to grow out your hair or have it cut so that it's all one length. Having it all one length emphasizes the straightness and makes it look especially sophisticated. With this hairstyle though, don't grow your hair past three-fourths of the way down your back; you don't want a hippie look or your hair to look scraggly. This style looks best with thicker hair.
  2. Create soft curls in your hair to give it more volume and movement. This can be done on hair that is all one length or hair that has some layers to it and is definitely one of my favorites. You can create this look with either a curling ion (used as if you're making ringlets, but create a looser look as opposed to tight curls) or hot rollers. I've had a bit of trouble having this stay in my hair, but with a bit of product, I'm usually good to go!
  3. Making your hair flippy is always a fun way to go as well. This style works best on hair with a few layers and usually has the best results on medium length hair (shoulder length to a few inches above your bra). This style is especially easy to achieve with a simple one inch barrel curling iron. Be conscientious of making more of a softer flip, as opposed to a ski jump!
  4. One of my other favorite looks is also very simple and understated. I like long hair that's down and just slightly curled under. This is probably one of the easiest styles to achieve and just takes a curling iron. When using this one though, be aware that if you use it too much (i.e. everyday), it can get boring, so you'll want to intersperse this look with other styles that carry more of a punch.
  5. You can also do a wavy look with your hair (this works best though on those whose hair already has a bit of natural wave). After you take a shower or wet your hair, put in some mousse and blow it dry using a diffuser. This is good for a sporty, more casual look and is really easy to do!
  6. There are only so many ways to wear your hair down, so you need to spice it up a bi by finding cute ways to wear it up. There's always the casual ponytail, but don't be boring with it. Do you hair curly and then with your bangs create a sweeping look across your forehead. With the first bit of your bangs, make an exaggerated side part, sweep the bang across, and fasten the end in the ponytail holder. (Bobby pins work great to keep this in place). This tactic gives the traditional ponytail a more modern and trendy face.
  7. You can also pull your hair halfway up. This can look either softer or more pronounced, depending on what look you're going for. For a softer style, loosely pull up hair from both sides of your face and simply fasten with a clip. If you want a tighter look, pull hair from the top and sides of your head and secure it with a tight comb. This usually gives a more sophisticated and professional edge.
  8. You can always go with the messy bun look that's becoming more popular. Start off as if you're making a ponytail, but instead of pulling your hair all the way through, wrap the elastic around your hair to create a messier, looser look.
  9. If your hair is on the shorter side of long (meaning no longer than a couple inches below the shoulder), then you can have great success with pulling your hair up into a hair fountain. All you need is a big claw-like clip; you pull your hair up from the nape of your neck and twist as you go. You then secure the hair with the large clip and tweak the hair on top to your liking. This can contribute to a laidback look or (depending on the clip or comb you use) or can even help you look more chic and professional.
  10. This is probably one of my most favorite ways to wear my hair and it can go with just about any other style. Putting a ribbon or wide headband in your hair is always a surefire way to pull a look together and give you an extra bounce. You can wear a ribbon or headband with your hair down, straight, curly, or when it's up in a bun or ponytail. Ribbons are a most excellent way to go!

I love having long hair because there are so many ways you can make your hair look great. Have fun with your hair!


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