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Picking the Right Earrings

Earrings, like all other accessories, need to be selected with care and precision. The wrong pair of earrings can most definitely take the zing out of an outfit. You probably have that one pair of earrings you wear all the time (as do I), but that one pair won't cut it all the time. You need a few more pairs more geared toward specific color schemes and styles if you want your look to go over the top. Being able to pick the right earrings is a skill that is valuable and resourceful to have and not too difficult to acquire.

For starters, you do need to have some earring staples in your jewelry box. The basics are few, but important and include:

  • A set of silver hoops (can have more than one size for staple variety)
  • A pair of rhinestone studs (sparkles up any outfit)
  • Some gold hoops if you so desire (probably if you have a lot of gold jewelry)

See? It's not too hard to get your earring collection started! These basics will go with just about anything and just about any piece of jewelry. These pieces are excellent for everyday, run-of-the-mill wear, especially if you're in a hurry out the door and don't have time to contemplate your accessorizing.

Sometimes however, the same earrings everyday can get old and you may want something different and new. That's when it's fun to look past the timeless, classic fashions and focus more on the contemporary, trendy styles. Right now, big earrings are in—big hoops, big dangly, big everything. Big and noticeable is what sells. With hoops especially the market has changed; now it's chic to have large, thick plastic hoops and also hoops with multiple smaller hoops inside. It wouldn't hurt to invest in a black or white pair of those to update some of your more everyday outfits.

Earrings also contribute to the statement you want to make with your outfit. If you're going for classic and understated, stay with classic and understated earrings. If you want classic and understated with some added flair, wear some earrings with pizzazz! Remember, the more you wear earrings that carry some punch, the more you'll be able to determine when and where to wear them. Also, the earrings don't necessarily have to match—they have to go.

Earrings are one of those staple accessories that without, our outfits just wouldn't be the same. Use them to make a statement and express your personality!


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Nne    14 Feb 2013, 08:07
Nice article but we need to see images of the kind of earrings you are talking about. It's good you show images that will help to guide us.

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