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Great Clip-On Earrings

When I was a little girl I played dress up with my sister all the time. One year for Christmas Mom made us both a plethora of skirts and tops complete with hand-me-down hats, bows, shoes, and jewelry from our aunt. It was quite a Christmas! We had a few bins full of costume jewelry and mixed in with the strings of plastic pearls and gaudy gold chains were many varieties of clip-on earrings. We had a blast donning the skirts and hats and feather boas, but we usually steered clear of the clip-on earrings—they hurt our ears too much. Whenever we'd try out the plastic gemstones on our 8-year-old ears, we'd have to take them off three minutes later because of red and throbbing earlobes. In the days of my dress-up-playing years, the costume jewelry was a couple of decades old, so have clip-on earrings progressed in their comfort level?

The most obvious reason for purchasing and wearing clip-on earrings is because one's ears may not be pierced. Whether that be due to a fear of the ear piercing gun or past earlobe trauma, some choose not to pierce their ears but still want the look of classy earrings. In my limited experience (as mentioned previously), clip-ons hurt! I don't understand going through the pain of wearing clip-on earrings but you wouldn't brave a trip to the salon for a quick lobe pinch. I probably have a biased view when it comes to clip-ons though; I did wear them about twelve years ago and the ones I clipped on were older than that. Clip-on earrings have supposedly come a long way since then.

On Amazon.com, one woman said that a particular pair felt really comfortable and that they only hurt after wearing them a long time. I know that some clip-ons have a padded covering so it doesn't gouge in your earlobe as much and people who use them swear by them. For those who have had bad experiences with uncomfortable clip-ons, it's hard to be convinced of something that goes against experience.

One of the things different about clip-on earrings of the twenty-first century, however, is that the back isn't just a spring-loaded block ready to slam your ear. Rather, the backs screw on so you can determine how tight or loose you want your earring to be. This explains so much and now I much better understand how these previously ear-numbing accessories can be worn and even enjoyed. Also the styles now are definitely more up-to-date with current fashions. (Who knew we'd move on from early eighties' modes?)

So if you have pierced-ear woes, feel comfortable checking out the clip-on earrings section—you might be surprised!


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