Post Plastic Surgery Care

by Anza Goodbar
(last updated August 1, 2014)

I have a wide bridge and a bulbous ball at the end of my nose. It is all thanks to my family's genes. My family has strong family recognition from our strong nasal features. A few years ago I was considering rhinoplasty to refine my nose and give it a more feminine contour. As with any surgery there are risks and aftercare to consider.

Plastic surgery procedures can range from in office treatments like a chemical peel to out patient treatments like a mini- face lift to liposuction to a tummy tuck which could involved an over night stay. Each procedure will have some specific post-op instructions to insure proper healing; here is a list of the most common instructions to ease in the recovery process.

  • Take deep breaths and cough post operatively to restore normal lung function after anesthesia.
  • Move legs and feet to prevent blog clots from forming.
  • Do not smoke. Smoking reduces blood circulation and can cause severe healing problems only associated with smoking. Smoking can also contribute to an increase in scarring. Avoid being in the presence of other smokers as an added precaution.
  • Take all medications as directed. Do not mix medications with alcohol. Do not take aspirin for two weeks following surgery.
  • Clean the incision with peroxide or a mild soap and water to remove the crust that forms over the incision from natural drainage. Drainage may occur for up to seven days. Face lift patients should apply Vaseline to non-hairline incisions. Non-facial incisions should be kept dry for two days after surgery.
  • Eat a high protein low salt, low carb diet to reduce swelling.
  • Nausea may be treated with a clear liquid diet or soda and crackers.
  • Limited movement may be required following certain procedures to insure the skin and muscles adhere together properly. Abstain from strenuous movement until cleared by the doctor.
  • Face lift patients should use sunscreen post operatively for the first 12 months to prevent skin discoloration.
  • Wound care for facelift or brow lift patients might include sleeping propped up and icing with a partial bag of peas to keep swelling down.

Insist on written post-op instructions before departing the clinic or hospital. Ask questions for any directions that are unclear. Follow the instructions to a tea to reduce swelling and discomfort. Call the doctor with any symptoms that are out of the ordinary. Set a follow up appointment and keep it.

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Anza Goodbar

Anza is a single mother of four who makes her home in Colorado. She enjoys writing, hiking and is an avid football and hockey fan. She is the owner of a virtual business services company; writing is just one of the many services her company offers. ...


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