Going to a Resort Spa

by Lecia DeBrine
(last updated December 9, 2016)

My first time going to a spa, I was so nervous that if my sister wasn't driving I would have turned the car around and gone home. I had no idea what we were going to do or what to expect and I couldn't think about anything but how scary it was going to be. I had psyched myself out so much that it was hard at first to enjoy anything. On the way home I felt horrible that I cheated myself out of the relaxing trip that it should have been and decided I needed to go again now that I knew my fears were unfounded.

When you plan a trip to a resort spa you have options on how you can find information. Websites are an excellent way to find material. There is usually a number you can call to ask questions about the resort, and for many places you can request a brochure be mailed to you. If you are well acquainted with where you are going you are less likely to be nervous about the trip. If the resort is relatively close I check the chamber of commerce to see if I can find any information there or I might even make a day trip to the location for a firsthand look.

Most spas offer a wide variety of treatments in their facilities, and some resorts will even bring treatments to you. The list of treatments differs at each spa and you can usually get a list of what is offered on the resort's website or at the front desk when you arrive. Be sure you read about any treatment before you decide so you know what to expect. If you start a treatment and feel you need to stop it for any reason speak up. The person administering your treatment is there upon your request and if you ask them to stop they will, you do not have to do anything you are not comfortable with doing.

At a resort spa the atmosphere and location are just as important as the available treatments. If you do not want to get any treatments you can still enjoy yourself. You can relax in your room and enjoy your view or explore the area on a hike. There are often times activities to do at or near the resort and information on these can be acquired at the front desk.

A trip to a resort spa can help you unwind from a stressful job or just serve as a getaway. Plan a long weekend at a resort and research the spa so there will be no reason to be nervous or scared allowing you to relax and be pampered.


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