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Getting a Pedicure at Home

There isn't a lot out there that is more relaxing than a pedicure. Going to a salon and having your feet and nails pampered is a beauty experience that many people enjoy. Pedicures, however, can be a little pricey, especially if they are done often. Getting regular pedicures done on your feet can become a costly habit, and even though they help you to look and feel great, they just might not be in your budget. It can also be a hassle to get to the salon whenever you need a pedicure. So what can you do if you can't afford a regular pedicure or don't want to go to the salon? Luckily, it can be easy to do a pedicure at home! With the right supplies, you can relax with a pedicure at home without spending much money at all. To get a great pedicure at home, try these ideas: There are a few supplies you'll need for the pedicure, and many of them might already be in your home. A pumice stone, footbath or plastic bin, nail polish and base/top coat, polish remover, a towel, a cuticle pusher, cotton balls, salt or sugar, and lotion are all great things to have around for your at-home pedicure. Begin by removing old nail polish with the remover. Put a little remover on a cotton ball and wipe away the polish until the nails are clean. Get your footbath ready. If you don't have one, you can use a large bin that is big enough for your feet, or even just the bathtub. Fill with water that is hot but not uncomfortable, and add soap or bath salts if desired. Stick your feet in and relax with the warmth of the footbath for a while. Once your feet are clean, it's time to buff rough skin and exfoliate. Start with a pumice stone and work it over your foot calluses to soften them. If your feet still feel a bit rough, use sugar or salt mixed with a little water and scrub it over your feet in a paste. Rinse the mixture off of your feet and dry them with a towel. While your feet are still soft from the water, push your cuticles back with a pusher gently. Use a cuticle remover if they are particularly stubborn. Trim your toenails with the nail clippers, then file and buff if needed. Rub a moisturizing lotion onto your feet thoroughly. This will help the skin to remain soft. Paint your toenails with your favorite color of polish. Put on a base coat first, and then paint on two coats of polish. Finish with a shiny topcoat to help protect the polish. Doing a pedicure at home is simple and inexpensive. Try it out next time you want to pamper yourself  

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