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How to Pick the Right Type of Bra

When you don't have the right kind of bra, it's so uncomfortable. Either it rides up your back, itches, the straps slip down all the time, or it plain just doesn't fit. What a pain! Apart from the fact your bras may be uncomfortable, shopping for them can be just as irritating. There are so many different styles and sizes and variations and brands that it's all quite overwhelming. It's kind of like picking out toothpaste—there are so many options you don't know which to choose and you can spend months figuring out which kind you like. Despite the frustration associated with bra shopping, there are a few tips and tricks to help you along the way.

The number one bit of advice is to go and get a professional bra fitting so you know really what size you are and what bras will be best for you. Most department and lingerie stores carry this service and it will do you a world of good. Many times, the problem is rooted in simple ignorance of what is and works best. With the advice of someone's who's been trained, you'll learn more about what will be most comfortable for you, thereby finally finding the right type of bra for you.

With knowing that a professional fitting is the best place to start, here are a few tips to get you started and keep you going. You'll need to try on more than one or two to get a good idea of what you like and also, while it's a pain, you'll need to try on the bra with your clothes so you can get a good idea of how it will look on you. Don't rationalize when it comes to finding a bra. If it's itchy, but just on one strap, don't say "well, it's only on one strap." Try a new one! It's not worth your money or discomfort for an almost comfortable bra. Also, keep in mind that good bras don't come cheap. If you buy a cheap bra, that's the quality you'll get. Even if money is tight I'd suggest splurging on just a couple of really nice bras to keep you comfortable until more are affordable. If you're bigger, you'll want a bra that supports you and keeps everything in place. If you're smaller, you might want something with a little bit of padding. You should also consider your lifestyle when bra shopping. If you're more active, invest in a couple of good sports bras.

A recap of things to consider when shopping for a bra:

  • Get a professional fitting!
  • You'll need to try on more than one
  • Don't rationalize yourself into a mediocre bra
  • Good bras cost
  • Consider your natural size and what you may want or not want with that
  • Consider your lifestyle

Bra shopping doesn't have to be the lowlight of your shopping experiences. It can be productive and worthwhile, resulting in a more comfortable you!


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