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Summary: Healthy looking skin is among the most frustrating beauty problem areas. You either break out or dry up and it takes a lot of effort to find a happy medium. As long as you keep one important key in mind though, you can breeze through the beauty aisle with confidence.

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In today's world, finding the perfect facial products can be overwhelming and discouraging. We've all had the face wash that instead of clearing and cleaning up your skin, dries out or aggravates it. Then you have to find something else to return your skin to normal and keep it that way.

Getting healthy skin is one of the most frustrating because 1) it is your most obvious asset and 2) it takes at least a few days to remedy.

The first thing you must do is to discover what your skin type is. Once you do that, you can eliminate over half the choices. So, does your skin break out easily? Does it get really oily toward the end of the day? If so, then your skin produces more oil which allows more dirt and contaminants to enter the skin, resulting in frequent breakouts. The kind of cleanser you want is a product that contains no oils; your skin has enough of that and you want to keep it to a minimum.

Complement your oil-free cleanser with an oil-free moisturizer. Washing your face twice a day helps to clear up your oily skin and rid your complexion of excess oil. Then, with that light moisturizer you put the right moisture back into the skin and your skin won't have to over-compensate for that oil.

If your skin is drier, then avoid drying products. Drying products work only on oily complexions because it dries up the oil rather than the skin. But many products are available in more than one form, like a gel, or a lotion, or a cream. It's best to use the cream at night and a lotion or gel during the day.

While finding a good cleanser can be exasperating, it is not impossible. The key thing to do is to keep your skin type in mind and accommodate it. Once you can narrow it down, the selection process simplified.

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