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Video is one of those great mediums for communication, in fact this can be one of the greatest ways to show anyone how to accomplish anything. If you would like to find all the latest videos and news regarding all things beauty, then take a look inside here. All of these free videos are going to cover a wide range of topics. We cover everything from "Ways to Combat Body Odor" to "Achieving the Sporty Look." It's all inside, and it's all free.

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   Achieving the Sporty Look - Video
Some people just aren't athletic and have a hard time pulling off sporty clothes. What they don't realize is the look is different from the lifestyle and you can have one and not the other! "Loose" is the key to remember.

   Exfoliation - Video
Exfoliation—the removal of dead cells from the topmost layer of your skin—is all the rage at spas and dermatologists. What is involved in this treatment, and is it right for you?

   How to Have Strong Healthy Nails - Video
Do you want strong, healthy nails? With just a little time and basic care you will find that you have fingernails that others admire.

   How to Look Taller - Video
Looking taller is always kind of fun for someone who's not so tall to begin with. Fortunately, looking taller is easy to achieve and gives you more flexibility in your dress and style.

   How to Shave Your Legs - Video
Shaving legs is a long tradition. It's easy to do and becomes second nature in time.

   Picking a Good Cleanser - Video
Healthy looking skin is among the most frustrating beauty problem areas. You either break out or dry up and it takes a lot of effort to find a happy medium. As long as you keep one important key in mind though, you can breeze through the beauty aisle with confidence.

   Removing Eye Makeup - Video
Some people don't know whether or not to remove eye makeup. Here are a few facts to help you in that decision.

   Removing Fingernail Ridges - Video
Understanding your fingernail ridges—and what causes them—can help you understand how to treat them.

   Using Hair Removal Creams - Video
It's just a fact that hairy legs on women are not the most attractive. From razors to lasers, hairy legs can be a thing of the past.

   Ways to Combat Body Odor - Video
Offensive body odor can be a major problem for some people. If you need to reduce your body odor, there are several things you can try.


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