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In today's modern appearance-obsessed world, looks are everything, and part of what society defines as "average" is having a big bust. While perfectly shaped C-cups may not be the general reality, it's what many women want. If you feel like you're lacking in that area, there are a few tactics you can employ to make yourself appear bustier.

Appearing bustier really comes down to the bra you wear. Strictly and simply, a bra's purpose is to support what you do have, but that has never been a bra's, brassiere's, or corset's only purpose. Even more so, these undergarments' objective usually lies in making the breasts look as attractive as possible. So, if you want to look bustier, buy the right bra. It all depends on how much bustier you want to look and how busty you already are. If you're already pretty busty, then a push-up bra just might do the trick. Push-up bras work simply to push the breasts up so they appear fuller than they actually are, and they usually have some kind of padding or wiring in the cup to help achieve this effect.

There's also the padded bra that goes toward making you appear bustier. Padded bras are simple: there is padding within the cup to make your breasts look bigger. With these bras, however, you need to make sure that you buy a quality one; otherwise, you risk the padding in the bra getting distorted and making your breasts look weird and not busty at all. If you choose to go with a padded bra, don't have too much padding. It's too superficial and can just look really fake. Appearing bustier doesn't mean appearing completely superficial. Buy padded bras with a degree of discretion.

Then there are simply those bras that make you look bustier without any kind of extra help. Some bras just make your bust look great, and those can usually only be found through trial and error. Go to the lingerie section or store, grab some bras that look like they'd work, and just try them all on. You'll usually find a few that work great without the push-up or padding.

The clothes you wear can also help you appear bustier. Certain in-style tops often add to one's busty look, because busty is almost always "in." The current baby-doll top trend is great for accentuating the bust. I'm also sure you have those few tops that, for whatever reason, really make your bust look great. These, like the amazing-just-because bras, are usually just found by chance or accident. You definitely have a greater chance at finding such clothing treasures if you shop intensely for a day or two.

There are several ways to make you appear bustier, but it is important to note that busty doesn't define beauty. You don't have to have C-cup breasts to be pretty or for others to find you attractive. If you want, feel free to employ these tactics to "enhance" your appearance, but the current definition of beauty is defined by airbrushed and Photoshopped celebrities. Feel free to try and appear bustier, but know that appearances definitely aren't the end-all be-all of the world—there's more to life than cup size.


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